DNA Dynamic Customer Satisfaction

Business Owners and Managers, Come & Discover the Secrets of Attracting & Keeping Customers,

You Can Learn how to achieve an exceptional company-wide customer service culture.

ATTRACTING AND KEEPING CUSTOMERS – your future depends on your company’s ability to do both, better than the competition. Compete powerfully, by being the best in the most important area of your business–customer satisfaction. Exceptional customer satisfaction is essential to your success–but how do you get it?

From this interactive seminar you will:

  • learn how to build a dynamic and profitable service and sales culture
  • acquire strategies to create a stronger, happier, more dedicated team
  • learn to maximize the potential of your staff
  • gain new skills on how to hire effectively and train successfully
  • learn how to develop customer friendly systems
  • learn the latest real-world customer research

Exceptional customer service is the result of understanding, planning and implementation. Seminar participants can begin to create a company-wide plan to help achieve an exceptional customer service culture. The resulting customer satisfaction will give your business long term customer loyalty, internal employee enthusiasm and improved company profits. Four foundations of Dynamic Customer Satisfaction are:

  1. The Rules Have Changed: What Are They Now?
  2. The Internal Customer: Preparing for a Dynamic Sales Culture
  3. The Exceptional Customer Attitude: Creating a Dynamic Sales Culture
  4. Customer Friendly Systems: Systems that Work

Dynamic customer satisfaction begins with a plan, it doesn’t just happen. This is a seminar not just about important customer service skills and knowledge. It’s about learning an entire company philosophy and the systems that go with it to help you create exceptional customer satisfaction and bottom-line success.

You can make your business the standard for a great customer experience. Come and learn how.

Dynamic Customer Satisfaction Seminar Objectives

1) to heighten the awareness of the tremendous need for dedication to customer satisfaction

2) to increase the understanding of each person’s responsibility for customer satisfaction

3) to understand the new customer

4) to understand the three faces of dynamic customer satisfaction

5) to increase customer satisfaction through application of the material

Four Modules

INTRODUCTION: The Rules Have Changed: What Customers Demand Now

FOUNDATION 1: The Internal Customer: Preparing for a Sales Culture

FOUNDATION 2: The Exceptional Customer Attitude: Creating a Sales Culture

FOUNDATION 3: Customer Frendly Systems: Effectiveness and Efficiency

Customers expect quality and competitive prices. The highest expectation the customer has is to be treated like royalty. If they are not treated well, they will fire you and go find another company who will treat them properly.

Decide to create a positive customer service culture and revitalize your business.