DNA Selling Skills

The Secrets of Selling With Style To Maximize Your DNA Sales Style and Increase Your Sales Dramatically

TRUE “RELATIONSHIP SELLING” BEGINS WITH KNOWING YOUR OWN DNA SALES STYLE  – in relation to a clients buying DNA buying style. Demonstrate to prospects that you understand them and their needs. Know exactly what and how to do, or say, for every single person you meet.

Be in a class by yourself because you know who you are and you see and understand who they are. People love to do business with people who “get them”, understand them and meet their unique buying style.

People WANT to buy…but hate to be sold. When you blend your sales style to meet their buying style you make it easy for them to WANT to buy from YOU!

Learn the latest real-life research, the most effective systems and the most powerful tools to make you even more  magnetic, caring and successful in helping people buy. This is NOT another prospecting to closing sales training. It is an entire people skills, philosophy and system. Attract and build respectful, successful relationships with anyone.

Three modules are covered, all vital to your success. Never be in doubt again. Learn processes that work, understand why they work. Learn how to communicate and sell the right way for each unique person you meet. Learn how to maximize and manage the potential of every of relationship because you understand the dynamics of the relationship. Easy to learn, apply and has immediate results:

1. Understand your own DNA sales style

2. Quickly & easily know a customer’s DNA buying style

3. Know how to blend to each different style client for greater communication, understanding, connection, sales and happy customers.

Make your selling process easier, simpler, more fun and more profitable. Increase the mutual success of every relationship, and the potential profits from each customer.

Successful communication, or sales is the result of focus and understanding. Understanding yourself, understanding others—then learning to work successfully with the differences that exist, from the perspective of the client.