Your DNA Success Programs Workshops


Discover Your DNA Success Programs – a one day workshop where you can understand your own DNA success programs and learn people reading skills. In only one day, you will have a whole new understanding of your natural success programs, reading other peoples’ DNA programs, in only minutes, and be applying empowered people skills right away.

Discover Your DNA Success Programs is a behaviourally-based communication workshop. You will learn how to understand yourself in a whole new way, rad other people in minutes and communicate using the language of behaviour DNA Styles creating amazing results in your relationships. DNA Styles is a whole new way of understanding yourself and understanding others, like never before.

The workshop can include your own personal, unique 85% accurate, 20+ page, DNA Style report to give a more complete, detailed understanding of  your DNA Style, what DNA Styles are and how to use the language of behavioural DNA to dramatically improve your communication skills. MORE info…


DNA Behavioural Selling Skills – without this knowledge you are only 50% effective at best. This one day workshop to help you dramatically increase your sales results and client satisfaction. You will discover your untapped potential to build the rapport, trust and the “like” factors with all types of people in only minutes.

When you can hear, see and understand the true meaning of all of a customer’s DNA hard coded buying needs you will be totally in control the sales process. You can become a sales superstar when you know and understand your own DNA selling Style, know and learn to recognize every customer’s DNA buying Style allowing you be able to adapt your DNA sales Style to meet their buying Style. Simply put: people like people like themselves, ensure you are in fact selling the way each person’s wants to buy you can create a positive buying experience for each person. Stop selling and help people buy!

Learning the hidden language of DNA programmed selling and buying DNA programmed Styles. This training transcends language barriers and cultures giving you the the most highly valued sales skill: people skills with anyone. MORE info…


DNA Dynamic Customer Satisfaction – business owners and managers, come and bring your staff to discover the secrets of creating and maintaining a positive and motivated staff who are excellent at attracting and keeping customers. You can learn how to achieve an exceptional company-wide customer service culture with a deeper understanding of your staff and customers.

DNA Dynamic Customer Satisfaction is effective customer service and is designed to heighten the awareness of the tremendous need for dedication to customer satisfaction and to increase the understanding of each person’s responsibility for customer satisfaction. Each participant will learn to understand the new customer, to understand the three faces of Dynamic Customer Satisfaction to increase customer satisfaction through understanding and application of DNA success programmed Style communication skills. MORE info…