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Understanding your DNA style of communication will empower you to create and maintain better, stronger relationships with anyone. You will gain a better understanding of yourself and begin the process of being able to read other people in minutes.

Your greater self understanding and the ability to quickly understand others will mean that you will have greater control and success in making relationships work.

Watch a free introduction online webinar

Discover the power of understanding the unique styles of communication that everyone has, beginning with you and your unique DNA communication style.

When a difficult relationship or communication takes place, stop being confused and left wondering “what happened?” You will KNOW what to do and say to make things work better and even help resolve differences.

Your peace of mind, improved relationships and a new self confidence await you.

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Free Online Training

To facilitate your understanding of the simplicity and power of D.I.S.C. as the observable language of behaviour and it’s many daily possible applications here are a couple of training videos for you to watch.

Learn from the founder of Target Training International’s, Bill Bonstetter, as he leads you through basics of the D.I.S.C. model of behaviour in these two free online trainings:

1. Intro to Advanced D.I.S.C. – The basics behind how to make Advanced D.I.S.C. work for your business and in your life.

2. DISC Graph Reading –  The Advanced D.I.S.C. model incorporates a graphed result for the quick understanding of identified styles. The complete printed personal reports are plain language interpretations of the graphs so anyone without any understanding of the model can read, in clear, easy to understand, language and with 90%+ accuracy, all about their their style.

NOTE: The online courses may take a moment to load. With the Intro to Advanced D.I.S.C. make sure to select and then click on the D, I, S, or C letter to begin the workshop.

Learning to read the graphs is a slightly advanced application but it is very easy to pick up by anyone with a little effort. The main benefit of understanding the graphs is that you can mentally picture a graph of people’s style in your mind as you watch what they do and thereby be able to easily identify their style in a matter of minutes.

Learning to read graphs means you will “read people” very quickly and accurately, which means you will understand the mot effective way to communicate and support that individual to achieve the best outcome for all.