Sales People- How To Break Sales Records

The Art & Science of Natural DNA Success Programs Behavioural Selling

Understanding Natural DNA Success Programs Buying & Selling Styles

Top salespeople begin with understanding their own strengths and weaknesses. Then they have a good understanding of the buyer.

To really understand another person we need to hear their true communication of their needs on all levels: which tells us their natural DNA success programs “buying style”.

Everyone is subtlety communicating their desires to us at all times with the universal languages of their natural DNA buying and selling success programs, which are programmed into us, like DNA.

Because most people don’t recognize or understand the subtle communication of natural DNA success programs we often miss the true message being communicated. This leads to failing to communicate in the way the buyer WANTS to be communicated to leading to misunderstandings, dislike, judgments, hurt feelings and lost sales.

When you can hear, see and understand the true meaning of all of the prospect’s buying needs you will totally control the sales process and help people buy while not needing to sell!

You can become a sales superstars when you:

  1. know & understand your own natural DNA success programs selling style
  2. know & learn to recognize every prospect’s natural DNA success programs buying style
  3. learn to blend your sales style to meet their DNA buying style

Learning the observable languages of natural DNA success programs transcends language barriers and cultures giving you the the most highly valued sales skill: people skills.

Be able to understand, interpret, explain and even predict the needs of people in all situations because you know who they are at the core DNA level and you show your respect for their needs (which builds rapport, liking and trust) by really hearing them and communicating with them in just the way they desire.

Understand the dynamics of all sales relationships in a new, powerful way that works with all casual, family and business situations.

People love to buy. Help them buy the way they want to be sold, for greater success! Contact us for more info:

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