About DNA Styles

The most powerful skill you can learn, the most rewarded talent to have, is people skills. Now people skills can be learned and it begins with you. Your DNA Style.

Everywhere you go people are there. Every day you will be in communication with other people. You may be good and comfortable dealing with others, or maybe not.

Some people are “natural” at it, but they don’t know why. Many others not so good and … they don’t know why either.

Now you can know exactly how to understand and effectively and efficiently communicate with all types of people .

You now can quickly, and with minimal effort, learn your DNA Success Programs.

When you have the right tools, know where to look, and have a way to understand what you discover…it all falls into place. SoftwareForTheMind.com DNA Style training provides those tools and information.

The basic principle of DNA Styles training is to show people a simple model to understand their own behavioral and values Style. Self understanding is the key and the first step to the art and skill of understanding others.

The DNA Styles model is taught in such a way as to give quick and easy understanding of one’s self relative to others.

Think of a map.

Think of wondering where you are located on the map.

Imagine that other people are all located somewhere different on the map (different, needs, wants, desires, style etc.).

Your near impossible task is to understand where you are, where, they are and try to meet them and their needs to create a successful interaction/relationship…. the trick is few people have that map or the understanding of how to use it.

If you were suddenly handed that map the first question would be, “where am I?”

The second question, “where are they?”

And the third might be, “how do I get from where I am to where they are?”

Our DNA Styles training gives you that map and shows you not only how to identify where other people are on the map but how you can meet them for the best, most successful communication.

Adding to our training, we use the latest technology in computer software for analysing complex behavior and values input from clients to create easy to read, information rich reports that clearly explain your DNA Style.

In our refined, simple, fun workshops we can teach you quickly and easily:

1. A people DNA Style map does exist.

2. You are here on the map.

3. How to, in only minutes, learn to identify where any other person is on the map.

4. Once you know where they are relative to you, you’ll also have the understanding of how to get to where they are easily.

The human mind most often operates on recognition of known information and then known steps to solutions. People skills is all about “reading” another person and knowing how to deal with them because “different strokes for different folks” is the truth most of the time.

We will teach you a simple, powerful model for what to look for when reading people and the easy to learn steps of how to create success in dealing with all the different DNA Styles kinds of people that are out there in the world around you.

People skills is an art. Science has helped created a model and a simple learning process to teach anyone to become a master communicator.

People management is the art of creating the environment where people become self managed and self motivated and DNA Style and Values models give you all you need to understand how to manage people in a win-win-win way to achieve productivity, harmony and rewarding environments that is honoring of everyone.

Learning your unique DNA Style is where to start and begins with a simple, 10 minute questionnaire. A powerful computer program analyzes your repsonse and creates a personal, unique report for you, on you, by you, with a documented 85%+ accuracy over your 20+ page report.

Your report is written in plain language and is easy to understand. The insights gained by seeing “who you are” explained so simply, in black and white, will impress you.

Once you find out where you are in the world map of human Styles, you can also begin to learn about the wide range of DNA Styles of people that exist around you.

Like a map, you need to understand where you are first. Then you know where you want to go, which is all the ways of being that other people have, different from you.

No one Style is the right way, or wrong way, just different, and thank goodness for the differences!

If everyone were the same DNA Style, so many jobs would never be done, art never created, science never explored and a new kind of boring would exist!

Being with people like you can be comfortable and secure and being with people different than you can be exciting and productive as you share tasks, different ideas and approach life in whole new, different ways.

It is our differences that can create great works and at the same time many communication challenges. But, they are only a problem when you don’t know how to understand what caused it or how to improve the miscommunication.

When you know the language of DNA Style, understanding the “why” is easy, and finding the “how” of effective communication processes becomes possible.

Not only will using your new found DNA Styles understanding repair conflicts, it will reduce the chances of future conflicts happening in the first place.

SoftwareForTheMind.com offers you powerful workshop and personal, customized reports specially tailored for different situations ie. Work, Family, Team Building, Sales, Health Care, Career Planning and more.

Every report type works off the same powerful language of DNA Styles but each takes into account the different issues, challenges and vocabulary of the different environments.

Begin your discovery of the language of DNA Style behaviours and learn people skills at a whole new level.

You can become a Master Communicator.

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